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We live in an age of
information overload

Each day we are exposed to thousands of adverts and messages that serve a common purpose: To make an impression. The days of companies reaching their intended audiences solely via traditional advertising are long gone thanks to the digital age and social media channels. As advertising is now an available feature on almost any platform, the competition is intensified; and standing out in a saturated industry poses itself as one of the greatest challenges to advertisers. It’s no wonder companies are spending more than ever to know the consumer profile of their target market and investing in technologies that provide detailed insight into changes in trends and where the consumer is headed next.

So how do you stand out?

How do you make a lasting impression on your audience so that among all the other ads, yours is the one that made them take action? What makes someone just “like” a post versus share it? What makes them tag their friends instead of continuing to scroll? What makes them look up from their phones at the commercial that’s playing on TV? Although these are seemingly simple measures of engagement, a wealth of information lies in the reasons behind each of these consumer behaviors.

The answer is creativity

An element of advertising and messaging that combines the creator’s unique approach with relevance and telling a story in a way that stands out because that creative touch makes someone stop and think. An original ad comprises features that are rare or surprising or moves away from the commonplace to present a situation. Communicating your message as an advertiser in a way that’s relatable to the consumer will reap even more positive outcomes as the consumer has now associated your brand with something significant to their own life. This is an example of another simple but powerful concept.

Ita Murphy, Managing Director of Mindshare said in an interview, “Creativity is as essential today as it has always been. Now more than ever ideas are expected to drive measurable results; the two are not mutually exclusive.

The following point she makes is what we should really pay attention to: “Great ideas get talked about, change behavior and ultimately build brands. We believe creativity is everybody’s responsibility; whilst some people are fizzing with creativity, it can be nurtured in everyone.

So how do you channel your own creativity? What inspires you and really makes you tick? These are important questions to be able to answer, and knowing how to exercise and refine that creative side will help you become more impressionable in a competitive market. Contact us to ensure your business is keeping up these digital trends and technology.