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2017 Instagram

If we had to ask you right now which social platform you enjoy spending most of your time on, we’re quite sure Instagram would be up there 9 times out of 10. When it was launched in 2010 Facebook snapped it up in 2012 for (as Doctor Evil would say) 1 Billion Dollars! Since then Instagram has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm, with no signs of stopping soon. Our strategic marketing agency Dubai sourced the web and put together a few of the latest Instagram facts to see how they are doing in 2017…

1. Most users are between the ages of 18-29 years old.
2. 60% of the top brands use the same filter for every post.
3. 60% say that they use Instagram to learn more about a product or service on the platform.
4. 32% of all internet users are on Instagram.
5. More than 40 Billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram. (That’s quite a cloud server)
6. The most popular hashtags used are #love #instagood #me #cute #follow
7. Posts with at least one hashtag received 12.6% more engagement.
8. Fun Fact: Pizza is the most Instagrammed food globally. (Pizza Express anyone?)
9. Famous influencers have been known to charge up-to $100,000 and more for a sponsored post.
10. 68% of Instagram users are female.

Are they bigger than Facebook? Not quite, but they certainly are on track and also seem to bring a different demographic to the forefront.

Facebook vs Instagram? We know where our money would go… and it’s #instagood!

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